Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Life in Naples

We praise God that we're feeling settled in our new home city of Naples, Florida. We arrived last last October with our big U-Haul and now, over seven months later, I finally find the time to give our readers a quick update. I (Jennifer) have thought of our blog many times over the past months as blogging was such a highlight for me during our time on the Logos Hope. Many times, I've thought that I'd like to continue blogging on a regular basis again, but I haven't quite found a new topic on which I feel readers would be interested in. So for now, this site will be dedicated to our two-year adventure overseas on the Logos Hope. I will leave up all of our postings and gadgets on the side of the blog for any readers to view. I pray that God will continue to use our time on the ship for His glory.

To give you a quick update on our lives, John and I are settling well into our new lives in Naples. We both have wonderful jobs in which we're making a difference for God's kingdom. We live in a beautiful condo, attend a fantastic church and are making great friends. Plus, we live just a short 10-minute drive from the beach, so you really can't complain. We live just a few minutes from Jennifer's family now, so we couldn't be happier. Moving back to the USA after two years abroad has definitely been a huge adjustment, but overall, we are thankful to be back on dry ground and living again in the USA. Blessings.