Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Week in California

We've had a GREAT first week back in California. We're amazed it's only been one week. We've had a wonderful time catching up with friends and family. One of the major hightlights of the week was meeting our new baby neice, Daisy Anne. She was born on September 1, while we were in Hawaii. We actually had FOUR neices born during our two years on board the Logos Hope. My (Jennifer) brother and his wife had their second, a baby girl Lauren. And John's sister and brother-in-law had twin daughters June 2009 and then their third on September 1. Below are a few adorable pictures of our neices.

John with baby Daisy. She was just eight days old in this picture.

I'm in love with my new baby neice! I love being an aunt to four beautiful neices and a nephew.

The twins are just over 15 months old now. They are identical, so John and I were having trouble telling them apart!

True love.
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MJ said...

John's got Loula, and Jen has Haley :-)